Name Demos Description
[V] Dark Comet9512 x 15. W:+0. Dark Comet. By Wizard
[V] Iron Bolts6521 x 11. W:+0-18. By Dirty Harry
[V] Urban Contention4416 x 14. W:+0-12. T:+40. Urban but no reclaims. High tides. Low wind. By TAG_Venom
[V] Slated Hatred3914 x 17. W:+6-24. By Dirty Harry.
[V] Muddy Land3216 x 16. W:+15-27. Open mud for everyone. By Race
[V] Aramon Chilly Rivers3017 x 17. W:+18-30. T:+25. Who will reign supreme on this chilly battlefield?
[V] Burnt Island2923 x 23. W:+13-24. Land map, strong winds, top vs bottom. By Norfolk.
[Dx] Titanium Dioxide2616 x 24. W:+18-30. Tactical map with some sneaky possibilities. By Dioxide
[V] Sultan's Pond2216 x 13. W:+12-19. T:+20. It's Sultan's pond.
[V] Artillery Hills2118 x 18. W:+6-15. N vs. S. Plenty of metal. Very little wind. By Wizard
[Dx] Metal Gods2121 x 21. W:+9-11, T:20. Who will be the next Metal God? By Dioxide
[V] Moho Forest2013 x 13. W:+9-18.
ZM - Cappa - 21912 x 15 Map
[Dx] Metal Fortress1916 x 24. W:+6-18, T:20. More metal, more mess. By Dioxide
[Dx] Green Ace Extended1711 x 17. W:+6-18. Specially designed for 3v3. By Dioxide
[GA] Green Ace Extended1611 x 17. W:+6-18. Specially designed for 3v3. By Dioxide
ZM - Greensleeves1613 x 16 Team play, Metal trees in center. Land is separated by mountains and forest.
[V] Silver Sands1513 x 13. W:+12-30. By Blue, Tardka's idea.
[Dx2] Artificial Lakes II15
[V] Claustrophobia1510 x 10. W:+0-18. Not much room to breathe. By TAG_Venom
[V] Volcano1516 x 16. W:+19-24. Left vs right.
[V] Horns to Horns159 x 26. W:+12-18. By Rokenroll
[H] Corrupted1412 x 20. W:+12-18. Perfect for 4v4 - 5v5. Layout slightly different to Corrupt Conflict. By Dirty Harry
[V] Green Canyon1421 x 21. W:+6-15. By Dirty Harry
[Dx] Green Ace139 x 17. W:+6-18. Specially designed for 2v2. By Dioxide
[V] Crystal Chaos1210 x 10. W:+0-3. T:+25. Features by TAG_Venom
[V] Blood Red Sky1221 x 16. W:+0-18.
[V] Gloomy Wood1214 x 18. W:+9-21. By Dirty Harry
[V] Aramon Bridge1220 x 14. W:+0-18. T:+30. By Dirty Harry
[V] Seton's Clutch1221 x 21. W:+12-27. T:+23. Seton's Clutch, strong winds/tidals
[V] Utopia1212 x 13. W:10-18. T:+10.
[V] Corrupt Conflict1112 x 18. W:+15-21. Med winds. By NUGGENMAN. Features by Dirty_Harry.
[V] Torfy1116 x 16. W:+6-21.
[Dx] Carbon Dioxide1114 x 21. W:+8-10. Prepare for many intense battles. Perfect for 8-10 players. By Dioxide
[V] Ultimate Escalation Battleground1033 x 11. W:+6-30. T:+22. By Dirty Harry
[Dx] Corruption XL1012 x 22. W:+12-18. Perfect for 5v5. By Dioxide
[V] Supply Line 21018 x 10. W:+21-30. Protect your supply line! By TAG_Venom
[H] Diagon Alley919 x 19 Map. W:+0/30 T:+28 by Dirty Harry.
[R] Firefight II9
[V] Duel - Aramon914 x 12. W:+9-18. T:+30. By Dirty Harry
[V] Dynamic Inconsistency820 x 19. W:+15-24. T:+25. PONR remake by TAG_Venom
[V] Slate Meltdown815 x 17. W:+0-6. Lots of metal, geo in centre.
[V] Nuggenland816 x 16. W:+24-30. Power winds. By NUGGENMAN. Features by Dirty_Harry
[H] Extreme Corruption812 x 23. W:+9-24. T:+40 5v5 version of CC. By Dirty Harry
[V] Crimson Bay816 x 16. W:+12-30. T:+30. Strong winds and tides.
[V] Greenhaven Flat816 x 16. W:+12-15. GreenH flat, more balanced. By Rookie.
[V] Red Rush815 x 18. W:+10-23. Up to 5v5
[V] Burning Woods816 x 40. W:+12-18. T:+40. Nice day for a BBQ...
[V] Ultimate Lusch Divide714 x 12. W:+24-30. By LTA
[Dx] Granny's Denture724 x 14. W:+25-30, T:30. By Dioxide
[Dx] Corruption XL 2712 x 22. W:+12-18, T:25. More open version of Corruption XL. Perfect for 5v5. By Dioxide
[V] Zirgos Polar78 x 8. W:+15-21. By Chrismor
[V] Crossing To Empyrrean715 x 20. W:+12-18. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] Gods 2 Gods77 x 13. W:+0-30. T:+22. Unpredictable winds
Gods of War6
[V] Ashwalkers620 x 18. W:+0. Control as many resource points as possible in this vast lunar world. By Race.
[GA] Metal Fortress616 x 24. W:+6-18, T:20. More metal, more mess. By Dioxide
[V] Trench Warfare614 x 22. W:+0-30. By Dirty Harry
[Dx2] Corrupted Hills6
[Dx] Last Judgement628 x 20. W:+21-27, T:35. By Dioxide
[V] Corrupted612 x 20. W:+12-18. Perfect for 4v4 - 5v5. Layout slightly different to Corrupt Conflict. By Dirty Harry
[Dx] Corruption Revised610 x 20. W:+12-18. Perfect for 3v3. By Dioxide
[Dx] Yin618 x 22. W:+12-18, T:23. Yo! I'm Yin! I'm lazy. That's all. By Dioxide
[GA] Deadly T518 x 18. W:+8-13, T:24. By Dioxide
[GA] Carbon Dioxide514 x 21. W:+8-10. Prepare for many intense battles. Perfect for 8-10 players. By Dioxide
[V] King of the Gauntlet58 x 30. W:+18-24. Who will be king of the gauntlet? By TAG_Venom
[V] PD44518 x 10. W:+0-24. Painted Desert for four *NERDsFist*
[Dx2] Crazy Bat5
[V] Mangrove510 x 15. W:+6-18. T:+20. By Dirty Harry
ZM - Comet Catcher 2512 X 15 Low gravity livens up this desolate landscape.
[GA] Granny's Denture524 x 14. W:+25-30, T:30. By Dioxide
[V] Slate Heaven525 x 25. W:+18-30. 2,4,6 etc... By Rookie.
[V] Stigma523 x 17. W:+0-30. T:+5.
[H] Gates of Hell521 x 15 Map. W: +3/30 by Dirty Harry
[V] Warrior Coral520 x 20. T:+29. Hydrous map with brain coral spiral. Top and left vs bottom and right for 2v2. Balanced version of BC by TAG_Venom
[V] Apache Canyon515 x 15. W:+18-27. By Draken V. Features by Dirty_Harry.
[V] The Dry Place515 x 11. W:+12-21. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] Slate Defeat510 x 10. W:+9-16. T:+28. Metal feast anyone?
[V] Creon Conflict521 x 16. W:+12-18. By Rokenroll
[V] Run427 x 10. W:+6-30. T:+22. By Dirty Harry
[R] Homer Hover II4
[V] Molten Floods410 x 10. W:+18-30. Air war map across lava. By TAG_Venom
[V] Diamond Bridge 2425 x 30. W:+12-24. T:+35. Good wind and strong tidals. By Dirty Harry.
[V] Cluster Freak Escalated414 x 14. W:+30. High winds with lots of metal in the middle. Escalated. By TAG_Venom
[V] Confrontations413 x 13. W:+12-18.
Gasplant Plain4
[V] Cerca Pero Lejos410 x 10. W:+1-30. Lucha en toda clase de lugares
[V] Black Iron412 x 12. W:+5-18. Fight around crude metal hills.
[V] High Sierra Meadows416 x 16. W:+18-27. Gusty winds, reclaimable metal around centre. 1v1 or 2v2. NW vs SE. Revised features by TAG_Venom
[V] Lava Trench49 x 8. W:+7-27. 1v1-2v2. By Rookie.
[V] Run For The Hills418 x 18. W:+12-15. High metal, hills everywhere. Top vs bottom.
[V] Greenland416 x 16. W:+6-18. By Dirty Harry
[GA] Yin & Yang418 x 22. W:+12-18, T:23. (...) By Dioxide
[V] Evergreenhaven416 x 16. W:+9-24.
[GA] Yang418 x 22. W:+12-18, T:23. Greetings! I am Yang. I like hovercrafts and amphibious units. I hate that slacker Yin. By Dioxide
[V] Slated Earth412 x 12. W:+15-21. T:+10. Revised version, faster pace. By TAG_Venom
[V] Scott's Divide412 x 12. W:+6-15. T:+75. GD2 remake. By TAG_Venom
[H] Disrupted4
[V] Sublunate422 x 22. W:+0-6. By Race and TAG_Venom
[V] Surface Mine418 x 18. W:+18-24. High wind, NvS. Metal placement by TAG_Venom
[V] Flats and Forests423 x 23. W:0-24. More metal in centre.
[Dx] Deadly Z 3v3415 x 18. W:+9-11, T:20. 3v3 version of Deadly Z. By Dioxide
[V] Oblium420 x 18. W:+0-6. T:+10. Defend your honour in this old slate world. Low winds. By Race.
[V] Gods of War 2 Land313 x 13. W:+12-18. Map for noobies that are stuck on GOW 2.
[V] Bison Yard315 x 15. W:+0-30. T:+35. By Dirty Harry
[V] Bison Valley325 x 25. W:+0-30. T:+35. By Dirty Harry
[V] Escalated Chilly Rivers319 x 19. W:+9-21. T:+27. By Dirty Harry
[V] Greatest Divide318 x 18. W:+9-18. Bigger GD3 remake by TAG_Venom/Wotan
[V] Bullet Holes320 x 10. W:+3-24. By Dirty Harry
[Dx] Deadly Z315 x 20. W:+9-11, T:20. Designed for 4v4. By Dioxide
[V] Castleground312 x 12. W:+15-18. By NUGGENMAN. Added features by TAG_Venom.
[GA] Yin318 x 22. W:+12-18, T:23. Yo! I'm Yin! I'm lazy. That's all. By Dioxide
[V] Cedrana38 x 16. W:+1-30. T:+10. Ancient red world now transformed into a battlefield. By Race.
[V] Flats, Forests and Ponds325 x 25. W:+3-13. T:+30. FaF-like map with ponds to hide commander. By Dirty Harry
[V] Dynamic Conflict312 x 18. W:+6-15. T:+10. More dynamic version of Corrupt Conflict. By Dirty Harry
[Dx2] Wonderland3
[V] Destroyed City325 x 25. W:+10-30.
[V] Duel - Crystal314 x 12. W:+12-18. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] Flooded Valley323 x 23. W:+18-24. T:+20. By Dirty Harry
[H] Twin Canals3
[V] BattleFest 2320 x 20. W:+9-30. T:+60. 1v1 or 2v2. By MrFred.
[V] Tobi's Island317 x 17. W:+15-30. T:+20.
[V] Stormy Quarry315 x 15. W:+15-25. By NUGGENMAN. Metal added by TAG_Venom
[V] Venom's Pond314 x 16. W:+18-27. T:+25. Like other pond maps but better. By TAG_Venom
[V] Marred Fate317 x 17. W:+20-30. T:+10. Wind will whittle what is left over after this battle... By Keeper.
[V] Lusch Bully322 x 18. W:+12-30. T:+50. By LTA
[V] Lunar Rush310 x 21. W:+0-3. By Dirty Harry
[V] LeParc313 x 10. W:+0-10. 6 player, odds vs. evens
Metal Isles3
[V] Mounds of Mars Escalated38 x 17. W:+9-13. For two or more players, play teams, North vs. South. Escalated. By TAG_Venom
[V] Winter Showdown322 x 14. W:+10-27. T:+28. By Dirty Harry
[V] Race Crossing314 x 14. W:+12-30. T:+28. Strong tides. By TAG_Venom
[V] Acid Foursome 2213 x 13. W:+15-18. T:+20. A balanced version of Acid Foursome
[V] Race's Kill Box212 x 16. W:+24-27.
[V] Farmland220 x 18. W:+3-21. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[GA] Green Magnitude212 x 18. W:+15, T:+35. By Dioxide
[V] Rivalry218 x 18. W:+1-25. Quagmire battle ground. By Race.
Deadly H2
[V] Through The Barricades220 x 20. W:+3-30. T:+25. By Lacagamosluis. Added metals by TAG_Venom
[Dx] Primal World210 x 20. W:+6-18. Specially designed for 4v4. By Dioxide
[Dx] Primal Mess220 x 10. W:+9-12, T:20. Reclaim, fight, expand. Repeat. By Dioxide
[V] Creon Wasteland216 x 16. W:+3-18. T:+25. By Wizard. Features by Dirty Harry
[V] The Point of No Return220 x 17. W:+12-16. T:+22. 3v3 start positions now on land. Little more metal. Slightly improved tidals
[GA] Corruption XL 2212 x 22. W:+12-18, T:25. More open version of Corruption XL. Perfect for 5v5. By Dioxide
[V] Diamond Bridge220 x 20. W:+18-30. T:+23. Strong winds/tidals
[V] Sand Canyon225 x 25. W:+0-25. Variable wind. By Lester
[V] Steams210 x 7. W:+0. Dark Lunar Steam Map. By Rook
[R] New World Metalocalypse2
F_Explosive kangaroo2
[V] The Gauntlet210 x 20. W:+6-18. By TAG_Venom
[V] Tarus Gol216 x 16. W:+6-18. T:+22. Battle on a craggy Martian landscape.
[V] Supernova212 x 12. Extremely strong interstellar wind coming from a huge supernova. By TAG_Venom
[V] Dueling Grounds210 x 16. W:+7-16. T:+24.
[V] Crossover217 x 17. W:+0-30.Metals placed as dot symmetry. Variable winds, geothermals exists. By Rampage
[GA] Primal World210 x 20. W:+6-18. Specially designed for 4v4. By Dioxide
Last Wall2
[V] Empyrrean Industrial Area221 x 21. W:+24-30. T:+20. High winds, plenty of metal and assured destruction...
[V] King of Kings216 x 16. W:+6-30. Who will be the king of kings? By TAG_Venom
[V] Powder Keg216 x 20. W:+3-15. T:+35. A medium-sized, tricky metal map for every kind of strategy. By Dirty Harry
[V] Shallow River216 x 9. W:+7-30. T:+10. Water in the river is so low units can cross it *NERDsFist*
[V] The Philosopher's Stone213 x 13. W:+2-18. Control the middle. By VanTheMan (TAP) and Silencer (TAP). Features replaced by Dirty Harry
[R] Krogoth's Pond2
[V] AnarKy214 x 8. W:+12-24. Slow start, big finish
[V] Blue Moon216 x 19. W:+0-18. Once in a blue moon...
[V] Great Divide 2K210 x 14. W:+0-30. T:+12. Mars version of our favoruite map
[V] Vengeance210 x 10. W:+24-30. Original map by Padington. Features by TAG_Venom
[V] Green Alley28 x 11. W:+13-17. T:+24. NvS. By Rookie
[V] Battlefield216 x 24. W:+6-24. By Dirty Harry
[V] Lunar Maze212 x 12. W:+0. Lots of metal. By Rook
[V] Aramon Creek217 x 17. W:+12-24. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] Martian Industrial Area221 x 21. W:+0-12. T:+20. By Dirty Harry
[V] Astral Arena212 x 12. W:+0-6. By TAG_Venom/Dirty Harry
[V] Ataque a la Colonia215 x 15. W:+0-18. Ataca la Colonia... Ahora marciana (Hecho por Bardi TA-P)
[V] Uber Sand228 x 9. W:+0-24. T:+10. By icanfly342.
[V] Mesas27 x 10. W:+3-12. Small mountainous desert.
[V] Inside Outside214 x 15. W:+1-6. T:+20. Expanded artificial mountains. By Muffy
The Docks 22
[Dx] Deadly H220 x 20. W:+8-14, T:20. LEFT vs. RIGHT. 4v4. By Dioxide
[V] Necropolis216 x 12. W:+0-18. T:+10. Reclaim or resurrect? By TAG_Venom / Dirty Harry
[V] John's Pond211 x 10. W:+12-30. T:+15
ZM - Greenhaven 3216 X 16 Large map with many hills to hide behind. Balanced.
[V] Junkyard216 x 16. W:+6-12. By Dirty Harry
[V] Wet and Dry118 x 18. W:+10-30. T:+25.
[V] The Level18 x 8. W:+6-30. T:+15.
[V] Crystal Paradise119 x 19. W:+18-21. T:+32. By TA Maps creator and Wormhole Production.
[V] The Inlet118 x 18. W:+0-30. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] War Of The Worlds116 x 16. W:+15-18. T:+20. The Worlds of TA. NW vs SE in team games. By SlowHandd, 8-29-99
[V] Voi Vittu111 x 10. W:+12-18. T:+20. Air, land or sea. Hmmmmmm.
[V] Dark Destruction115 x 16. W:+18-24. T:+25. By NUGGENMAN. Good winds and tides. E vs W.
[V] Delta-class Fortresses124 x 24. W:+15-30. T:+0. War around the fortresses
[V] Bison Forest120 x 20. W:+6-30. T:+35. By Dirty Harry
[V] Blue Crystal Invasion114 x 14. W:+18-27. T:+16. Inspired by Mars Invasion. Blue crystal planet with a touch of Core Prime. By TAG_Venom
[V] Bogs of War19 x 9. W:+15-27. T:+22. Gods of War remake. By TAG_Venom
[V] Crosshair 2116 x 16. W:+0-30. Bigger version of Crosshair. By Dirty Harry
[V] Twin Necropolis Collide120 x 15. W:+0-18. T:+10. By Dirty Harry.
[V] Triplet Cities Collide130 x 12. W:+18-24. T:+10. Twin Cities Collide rip-off. By Dirty Harry
[V] Cliffs of Dover113 x 16. W:+0-18. T:+10. Cliffs of rock and stone will break your bones. Top and left vs. bottom and right
[V] Treasure Land118 x 14. W:+15-27. T:+22. Battle for the treasure across this alluring land. By NERDsFist. Added metal and treasure by Race.
[V] The Big Gash116 x 12. W:+9-18. By Dirty Harry.
[V] Celestial Challenge116 x 16. W:+0-6. Can you meet the celestial challenge? By Race
[V] Tungstenium132 x 38. W:+0-30. T:+30. Low metal ground. Strong tides. By Lacagamosluis
[V] Twin Coves118 x 10. W:+0-25. T:+19. By Dirty Harry
[V] Conquest122 x 23. W:+12-18. T:+30. By Chrismor
[V] Core Prime Flatlands Mini115 x 15. W:+0-18. By TAG_Venom
[V] Cross Action112 x 12. W:+18. T:+15. Fight into the narrow passes and watch your back! Balanced by Dirty_Harry
[V] Core Red Mining Area116 x 16. W:+0-6. By Dirty Harry
[V] Corners110 x 10. W:+12-21. Mild winds, metal only in corners. By NUGGENMAN. Features by Dirty_Harry
[V] Underworld115 x 8. W:+0-30. T:+75. By Dirty Harry
[V] Titan's Beach115 x 6. W:+4-24. T:+10.
[V] Urban Corrupted Metal Chilly River Fortress118 x 22. W:+30. T:+30. T3/T4 only. By Wonton
[V] Urban Lake123 x 27. W:+3-23. T:+34. A former central park of a big Empyrrean city. By Dirty Harry
[V] Valerian Assault111 x 10. W:+1-19. T:+30. Valerian Assault. High tides.
[V] Trout Hatchery114 x 14. W:+12-24. T:+5. Metal map. Low gravity, high winds.
[V] Coliseum116 x 16. W:+6-12. Low winds. Metal buildable in centre arena. By NUGGENMAN
[V] King of the Castle116 x 16. W:+10-15. Plentiful supply of metal within the central bastion
[V] Divided Sea Channel18 x 17. W:+22-27. T:+25.
[V] Gods of War 2 Metal113 x 13. W:+0-6. T:+22. GoW2 metal map, no wind. By Rookie
[V] Palm Tree Plain116 x 12. W:+15-24. Like GPP but not. Supports 3v3. By TAG_Venom
[V] Painted Desert 2k17113 x 13. W:+18-30. T:+60. PD's newborn, good winds. 2k13 version improved by Race
[V] North South113 x 16. W:+18-30. A green with cold north and south. Good wind and metal. Metal placement by Race
[V] Nemesis Island110 x 20. W:+19. T:+20. Similar to John's Pass with more land to fight on and a pond in the middle to shake things up.
[V] Muddle Along119 x 12. W:+3-24. T:+24. By Dirty Harry
[V] Micro War17 x 7. W:+12-24. By Dirty Harry
[V] Fox Crater Pass121 x 21. W:+0-30. Larger metal deposits and geothermals in craters. 3v3 recommended. By Keeper
[V] Maxi Siege124 x 11. W:+12-24. T:+20.
[V] Mars Invasion113 x 13. W:+12-30. T:+20. A mars map with a touch of Core Prime. Created by WNxColinn
[V] Mare Aegaenum118 x 18. W:+12-18. T:+20.
[V] Malevolence122 x 22. W:+0-1. You'll need a good mouse. By Race & TAG_Venom
[V] Gods of War Escalated19 x 8. W:+18-27. T:+25. Asymmetric water map. Escalated. By TAG_Venom
[V] Perse Island116 x 12. W:+16-24. T:+26.
[V] Great Divide 2x112 x 12. W:+6-24. T:+30. Edited by Dirty Harry
[V] Great S114 x 8. W:+4-24. Variable wind. By Dirty Harry
[V] Great Spires Divide112 x 12. N v S. W:+18.
[V] Lush Lava River116 x 16. W:+12-30. A river of lava divides a lush forest.
[V] Hills N Ponds117 x 17. W:+0-18. T:+20. Hide behind the hills or build on top of them. Top vs Bottom
[V] Hot Pot116 x 16. W:+18-24.
[V] Icebergs110 x 12. W:+12-24. By Dirty Harry
[V] Infinite116 x 18. W:+15. T:+40. Good metal - All the ways to win.
[V] Lawn 2 Lawn19 x 16. W:+10-21. T:+35. Windy map. Strong tides. By Dirty Harry
[V] Island Hopper125 x 25. W:+27-30. T:+30.
[V] King of the Chilly Rivers119 x 19. W:+16-28. T:+26. Who will be King Of The Chilly Rivers? High tides. By TAG_Venom
[V] Pearl Harbor19 x 8. W:+24-30. T:+30. Good wind, tidal, skeets!
[V] Piramides Marcianas120 x 20. W:+18-27.
[V] The Bay113 x 10. W:+3-18. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] Enemy At The Gates110 x 13. W:+6-15. By NUGGENMAN. Added metals by TAG_Venom
[V] Dividing River122 x 14. W:+15-21. T:+23. Twin continents divided by a river with shallows. By Keeper
[V] Dogfight15 x 20. W:+9-24. By Dirty Harry
[V] Tear Down That Wall112 x 15. W:+12-30. T:+30. By NUGGENMAN. Features by Dirty_Harry
[V] Dragonis118 x 18. W:+0-18. Fight for your pride on this scorched dragon land. Average winds. By Race
[V] Dreamland131 x 21. W:+9-12. T:+27. Can you find enough space to build? Good tides.It looks a bit like a nipple as well. By Ramp
[V] Dry Divide16 x 10. W:+12-24. By TAG_Venom
[V] Taros Chilly Rivers117 x 17. W:+12-18. T:+26. By Mugus24. Metal placement by TAG_Venom
[V] Duel - Green114 x 12. W:+0-24. By Dirty Harry
[V] Talos Alley113 x 13. W:+6-12. Pincushion with a bit of room to breathe. By TAG_Venom
[V] Split116 x 9. W:+27-30. Long range battle across a chasm. Improved by TAG_Venom
[V] Shoreline Scramble110 x 19. W:+12-30. T:+30.
[V] Sector 69126 x 24. W:+6-30. T:+20. A more open version of Sector410b
[V] Plains of Salt 2113 x 13. W:+4. Volcanoes on a salt planet, 5 thermal vents, low wind By =IronClaw=
[V] Sandglass110 x 14. W:+3-27. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] Rocky115 x 20. W:+6-24 T:+30. By Dirty Harry
[V] Eternal Green115 x 20. W:+0. Green land map with trees, no wind. Metal placement redone by Race
[V] Riverside112 x 12. W:+18-30. T:+20. Strong winds
[V] Etorrep Glacier Escalated110 x 8. W:+18-30. T:+25. Strong winds coming from ocean. Escalated by TAG_Venom & Race
[V] Evergreen Industrial Area II121 x 21. W:+11-21. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] Reverse Conflict113 x 19. W:+6-24. By Dirty Harry
[V] Final Battle121 x 14. W:+15-18. T:+26. Good tides, surprise in mid. By Rookie
[V] Red Islands110 x 11. W:+12-18. T:+22. By LoC_Machine
[V] Final Stand140 x 40. W:+0. T:+5. Prepare for final stand!
[V] Flathill Desert115 x 15. W:+18-30. T:+20.
[V] Quagmire Jungle112 x 15. W:+0-18. Come get some in the jungle!
[V] Encounter At Farpoint19 x 13. W:+30. T:+40. Strong winds, great tides. By NUGGENMAN. Features by Dirty_Harry
4P Total Temple1
[V] Battlefront116 x 10. W:+0-18. T:+10. You're at the battlefront. Build fast and attack wisely to take out your enemy. By Race.
[TEST] Artificial Lakes1
[R] Greenplains II1
[R] Sparkling Paths III1
[R] Ultimate Supply Line IV1
[R] Walking On Water II1
[S] New World Apocalypse1
[TEST-2] Hell on Earth1
F_Explosive paths v21
[TEST] Artillery Hills II v31
[H] Dirty T120 x 20 Map. It's not deadly anymore. by Dirty_Harry
[TEST] Polar Oasis1
[V2] Dark Comet1
[V2] Palm Tree Plain1
[V2] Valerian Assault1
[V] A Better Fate113 x 8. W:+2-19. Improved version of Slated Fate
[V] A New Land133 x 33. W:+9-21. T:+33. By Dirty Harry
ESC Red Triangle land start1
Crazy Bat1
[H] Winter Showdown122 x 14. W:+6/27. T:+28. By Dirty Harry
Town 2 Town1
[V] Alaska18 x 8. W:+15-18. Snow obviously :p WD map. Replaced metals by TAG_Venom.
[DR] Water Fortress1
ZM - Blood Red Sky1
ZM - Cove to Cove1
Slate Gordon1
ZM - Stigma 41
Painted Desert1
ZM - War of the Gods118 x 18 Map by Wotan.
ZM4 - John's Pond1
[DR] Greenplains II1
Old Nick's aisle1
[H] Alpha Centauri112 x 22 Map. W: +9/22 T: +25 by Dirty Harry
[Dx] Deadly T118 x 18. W:+8-13, T:24. By Dioxide
[Dx] Death Parade119 x 19. W:+6-18, T:20. Slackers will face Death on this map. By Dioxide
[Dx] Yin & Yang118 x 22. W:+12-18, T:23. (...) By Dioxide
[GA] Corruption Revised110 x 20. W:+12-18. Perfect for 3v3. By Dioxide
[GA] Death Parade119 x 19. W:+6-18, T:20. Slackers will face Death on this map. By Dioxide
[GA] Dioxide116 x 24. W:+12-18. Tactical map with some sneaky possibilities. By Dioxide
[GA] Green Ace19 x 17. W:+6-18. Specially designed for 2v2. By Dioxide
John's Pond1
Corrupted Metal1
[H] Burnt Hills116 x 8 Map. W: 10-24 by Dirty Harry
[V] Amnesia112 x 15. W:+14-18. T:+20. By Chrismor
Block Wars1
[V] Annihilator Alley15 x 15. W:+0-6. Take a run down the Annihilator Alley. By Lister3128. Fixed by TAG_Venom
Cavedog Links CC1
[V] Arawanna Bay118 x 18. W:+0-18. T:+18. Bay with sandbar, variable wind, named by Adamanta. Metal placement by Race
[V] Aramon Shores116 x 16. W:+12-30. T:+20.
[V] Raided Desert019 x 17. W:+9-21. For all you PD fans. By Muffy
[V] River Raid07 x 19. W:+0-24. T:+20. Fight over a rushing river. Unpredictable winds
Polar Range0
[V] Ring Atoll Escalated021 x 21. W:+12-30. T:+32. Escalated. By Dirty Harry
[V] Riding The Bullet011 x 14. W:+6-18. An abandoned launch site. By Muffy
Polyp Fields0
Red Hot Lava0
Red Planet0
Core Prime Industrial Area0
Red River0
Plains and Passes0
[V] Yerrot Countryside09 x 10. W:+3-12. A small piece of the mountain range
Red River North0
[V] Quanta09 x 7. W:+0. Strange reactions on planet surface. By Muffy
Red Triangle0
[V] Quagmire Canyon025 x 25. W:+30. T:+20. Fight over the canyon. Features redone by Race.=
[V] Proxima Centauri C010 x 10. W:+10-20. By Dirty Harry
Ring Atoll0
[V] Polluted Industrial Area021 x 21. W:+6-16. T:+20. A former industrial area deprived of every resource. By Dirty Harry
[V] Playground016 x 12. W:+0-18. T:+22. Expand to the middle or block your bridges?
[V] Platform River018 x 18. W:+18-21. T:+35. River through metal region, high tides and wind, low gravity
Rock Alley0
[V] River of Blood026 x 26. W:+15-20. T:+22. The water flows red with blood from centuries of combat. By Keeper
[V] Roughy08 x 8. W:+6-24. Battle over rough desert terrain. Metal placement by Race.
[V] Sandmass015 x 14. W:+9-18. T:+20. Conquer the other side. By Muffy
[V] Shore Lake013 x 7. W:+15-19. T:+17. Large lake with islands in the middle. Left vs right.
Metal Gridlock0
[V] Shallow Links016 x 16. W:+0-30. T:+21. By Dirty Harry
Metal Heck0
Moon Quartet0
[V] Sea Lords024 x 24. W:+4-21. T:+35. Strong tides, lots of metal in water. By Dirty Harry
[V] Screw U guys012 x 12. W:+0-12. T:+20. Jp invert.
[V] Scott's Pass013 x 15. W:+18-24. T:+20. Revised version, more metals. By TAG_Venom
Anteer Strait0
[V] Scissors011 x 19. W:+12-18. Best for 3v3. By Rokenroll
Acid Trip0
Ror Shock0
[V] Wotan's Gift013 x 25. W:+11-22.
Over Crude Water0
[V] Sand Bridge II028 x 15. W:+9-24 T:+40. By Dirty Harry
[V] Sand Bridge040 x 16. W:+12-24. T:+40. Strong wind and very powerful tidals. Huge 4v4 or 5v5 battle. By Dirty Harry.
[V] Xanadum08 x 10. W:+0-18. Fight to death with ground and air among a plentiful world
[V] Sail Here012 x 12. W:+10-18. T:+20.
[V] Yellow Brick Road017 x 9. W:+3-19. Follow The Yellow Brick Road...
[V] Rusty's Resort024 x 24. W:+18-24. T:+30. By Zenotheory
[V] Yellow Brick Road 2017 x 14 W:+0-12. T:+20. Follow the yellow brick road(s)... By TAG_Venom.
[V] Pits of Rougpelt029 x 29. W:+15-24. T:+19. Winds of war howl through these past open pit mines... By Keeper
[V] Pic-Nic08 x 12. W:+6-18. Pic-Nic.
[V] Pigs Paradise014 x 14. W:+6-12. T:+25. By NUGGENMAN. Added metals by Dirty_Harry
[V] Military Industrial Area021 x 21. W:+0-9. T:+20. Very weak wind but tides are ok. By Dirty Harry
[V] Mossy Maze010 x 10. W:+3-7. Find your way through a maze of mossy hills
[V] Moronic Metal Maze030 x 20. W:+1. T:+25. A huge maze that can be navigated by land or sea
[V] Moondrip010 x 10. W:+0. NW v SE. No wind.
[V] Moon Walkers09 x 9. W:+0. You'll be lighter
[V] Moon VII011 x 11. W:+0.
[V] Moon Core020 x 20. W:+0.
[V] Molten Floods 2010 x 10. W:+18-30. Another air war map across lava. By TAG_Venom
The Desert Triad0
Acid Pools0
The Pass0
[V] Military Outpost016 x 24. W:+3-30. T:+37. Highly variable wind. Strong tides. By Dirty Harry
[V] Military Base018 x 18. W:+12-30. Cross the bridges to fight the bases
[V] Mountain Lake017 x 16. W:+18-30. T:+20. By MrFred
Town & Country0
[V] Mexican River012 x 8. W:+15-21. T:+22. By "Rookie"
[V] Zone51016 x 16. W:+12-30. By TA Maps creator and Wormhole Production.
[V] Metallic Rooms023 x 20. W:+2-30. Low metal ground. By Lacagamosluis
[V] Metal Pelt08 x 8. W:+6-7. T:+20. Battle in the air, on the seas and finally on land. By Muffy
[V] Metal Moon013 x 13. W:+0. Low gravity
[V] Metal Jango012 x 12. W:+0-9. T:+24.
[V] Metal Heck 2013 x 13. W:+6-15. Bigger, slightly more open version of Metal Heck
[V] Metal Fortress033 x 33. W:+0-18. T:+30. By Zenotheory
[V] Metal Clutch040 x 40. W:+18. T:+50. By Zenotheory
[V] Metal Caldera027 x 27. W:+12-24. T:+10. Metal Map, high winds.
The Cold Place0
[V] Mountain Passes017 x 16. W:+18-30. By MrFred
[V] Piggy Ponds013 x 13. W:+12-18. T:+30. Features by Dirty_Harry
[V] One Way08 x 4. W:+12-15. T:+25. Two or four player map, air, ground and navy can all be used here. By Relinquished
[V] Sinkholes East09 x 9. W:+12-30
Sail Away0
[V] Peninsula 2018 x 16. W:+3-18. T:+30. By Dirty Harry
[V] Peninsula014 x 12. W:+3-18. T:+30. By Dirty Harry
[V] Pedro's Pond016 x 13. W:+12-19. T:+20. Pedro Sanchez's pond (aka Rampage)
Sector 410b0
Seven Islands0
Shore to Shore0
[V] Pacer's Pond012 x 12. W:+12-24. T:+23. Pacer Invades John.
Show Down0
[V] Onions Have Layer012 x 12. W:+4-9. T:+15.
[V] Off Limits015 x 15. W:+14-16. T:+22.
The Bayou0
[V] Ocean018 x 19. W:+22-26. T:+20. By Chrismor
[V] Zeguma Beach037 x 9. W:+6-18. T:15.
Slated Fate0
Steel Jungle0
[V] Normandy018 x 22. W:+0-18. T:+35. Fight wisely with your team to conquer the other half of the map. Average winds, strong tides. By Race.
[V] Nile Garden09 x 7. W:+18-24. T:+20. Mine is the green Red Square!!! By Muffy
Surface Meltdown0
Temblorian Mist0
[V] Nebuchan016 x 13. W:+7-15. T:+20. The submerged Nebuchan city. Go on! Loot their shops!
[V] Mutant Planet015 x 9. W:+0-27. T:+22. Lower gravity. By Dirty Harry
The Barrier Reef0
Lusch Puppy0
[V] Slate Highground013 x 13. W:+24-30. A new, larger version.
Lava Run0
Canal Crossing0
[V] Unnamed Town023 x 19. W:+6-24. T:+26. By Dirty_Harry
[V] The Mask010 x 7. W:+16-18. T:+25.
[V] The Lost Highway09 x 15. W:+18-30. Desert pass with wayside temple
Etorrep Glacier0
[V] Urban Chaos016 x 16. W:+1-21. T:+43. Urban Chaos: Copywrite - New Ideas (Beta Builder Tileset) "by Ninjatoe"
Evad River Confluence0
Checker Ponds0
[V] The Heat Increases017 x 6. W:+0-24. AC14 Escalated. By Dirty Harry
[V] The Guardian Crag010 x 12. W:+9-21. T:+25. High Gravity! By Dirty Harry
[V] Urban Dogfight016 x 16. W:+18-30. T:+40. No metal, lots to reclaim, good winds/hella tides. By NUGGENMAN.
[V] The Green Plain013 x 10. W:+10-18. T:+22. Big plain for close encounters.
[V] The Pass Escalated07 x 7. W:+0-18. Fight to control a pair of winding mountain passes and shit.
[V] The Green Place011 x 9. W:+18-25. T:+21.
[V] The Giant Snowflake022 x 17. W:+9-24. T:+30. By Dirty Harry
Expanded Confluence0
[V] The Frozen Bay013 x 10. W:+6-21. Frozen lake! By Dirty Harry
[V] Urban Legend041 x 41. W:+15-21. T:+10. Metal rich surface.
[V] The Foothills012 x 12. W:+14-26. The Evergreen Foothills
[V] Urban Riots011 x 11. W:+6-18. T:+22. A war over a lake filled with metal.
[V] The Dockyards023 x 23. W:+6-18. T:+20.
[V] Urban Warfare040 x 40. W:+12-24. T:+30. By Zenotheory
[V] The Desert Triad 2010 x 10. W:+0-4. Fighting on 8 mesas.
[V] The Cliffs016 x 16. W:+18-25.
[V] The One016 x 16. W:+7-25. T:+10.
Eastside Westside0
[V] Urban Water World014 x 14. W:+15-16. T:+25. Fixed version. By Rook
Crystal Isles0
Comet Catcher0
[V] Twin Continents020 x 20. W:+0-25. T:+19. Keeper's idea edited by Dirty Harry
[V] Twin Cities Collide020 x 8. W:+18-24. T+25. By NUGGENMAN
Crater Islands0
[V] Trydos018 x 16. W:+3-6. T:+25. Ruins of an ancient city. Low winds. By Race.
Coast To Coast0
[V] Trout Barn012 x 7. W:+9-24. T:+20. Come at me.
[V] Tropical Skerries022 x 13. W:+3-24. T:+27. By Dirty Harry
Crystal Cracked0
Crystal Maze0
East Indeez0
[V] Torment030 x 30. W:+3-30. T:+25.
Crystal Treasure Island0
Dark Side0
[V] Titanium City II016 x 16. W:+0-30. Fight in the city.
Dire Straits0
[V] Tidal Fury019 x 31. T:+65. Ultimate naval map, strong tides
[V] Tiaga016 x 9. W:+0-15. Duel.
[V] Throw Me A Bone014 x 14. W:+6-18. T:+25
Cluster Freak0
[V] This Type Of Thinking016 x 16. W:+8-19. T:+25. By NUGGENMAN. Features by Dirty_Harry
[V] The Warm Place015 x 11. W:+15-30. Remake of The Cold Place. By TAG_Venom
[V] The Burning Forest013 x 13. W:+0-24. By icanfly342
Flooded Glaciers0
[V] Water 7010 x 18. W:+2-28. T:+20. Wet Land Battle!
Lake Shore0
[V] Venice014 x 12. W:+6-30. T:+30. Conquer all quarters of the city.
John's Pass0
[V] Strategic Depth030 x 30. W:+7-22. T:+40. Do it right the first time Commander... or die! Top vs bottom.
[V] Vicious Cycle026 x 26. W:+18. T:+15. NE v SW. Good winds.
[V] Viridian Vale016 x 8. W:+3-6. Low wind
Kill The Middle0
King of the Hill0
[V] Stale Waters014 x 14. W:+10-18. T:+24. By Rookie
Biggie Biggs0
Assault on Suburbia0
[V] Small Atoll012 x 12. W:+0-24. T:+25. Additional metal in the centre of the map
[V] Sunken Heck020 x 20. W:+9-26. T:+37. Good wind and tides. Great for sea battles and air battles
[V] Vulcano Fun010 x 10. W:+3-18. Metal rich vulcanic soil and low gravity *NERDsFist*
Ashap Plateau0
Lava & Two Hills0
Lava Alley0
[V] Slate Ramps017 x 8. W:+3-21. Left vs Right. by Dirty Harry
Lava Highground0
[V] Slate Industrial Area021 x 21. W:+21-30. High winds. By Dirty Harry
[V] Slate Hoppers018 x 18. W:+22-28. Hop your way through. By Race
Aqua Verdigris0
[V] Twin Of War07 x 8. W:+24-30. T:+15. High wind
Lava Mania0
Icy Bergs0
Ice Scream0
[V] The Bereaver012 x 7. W:+12-21. T:+22. River defense system. By Muffy. Escalated by TAG_Venom
Great Divide0
Fox Holes0
[V] The Battle017 x 17. W:+21-30. T:+60. High tides, high wind. By MrFred.
Caldera's Rim0
[V] The Amazon012 x 8. W:+18-23. T:+25. Fight for resources! More metal added by TAG_Venom
[V] The Alchemist's Cave010 x 16. W:+0. T:+30. By Dirty Harry
[V] Tetra010 x 10. W:+0-30. T:+30. Watch out for sneak amphibious attacks
[V] Terra Nova010 x 10. W:+4-22. T:+22. New land to battle for *NERDsFist*
Full Moon0
Gasbag Forests0
Brilliant Cut Lake0
[V] Taros to Taros013 x 13. W:+3-18. T:+22.
Brain Coral0
[V] Supply Line013 x 9. W:+6-18. Protect your supply line!
[V] TAG Hurdles018 x 12. W:+12-27. T:+22. Run to centre! Made by ROCK. Concept by Picard0h. (Added metal by TAG_Venom)
[V] TA Worlds 4020 x 20. W:+25-30. T:+50. Top left vs bottom right. Strong wind/tide. By MrFred.
[V] Swamplands08 x 14. W:+15-18. WDmap. Similar to Capricorn isles.
[V] Surrounded Divide013 x 13. W:+0-30. T:+40. Tidal will give you lots of energy... Top vs bottom
Higher Ground0
[V] Sure to Sure08 x 14. W:+21-24. T:+15. Wind is better then tidals, fo sho
[V] Supreme Conflict036 x 36. W:+3-21. W:+20.
[V] Supply Line Assault022 x 12. W:+21-25. T:+35. By LTA
[V] Supply Line 3016 x 8. W:+12-24. Supply line is up for grabs! By Dirty Harry
Hundred Isles0
[V] Metal Bone010 x 5. W:+2-6. T:+10. Throw a wolf a bone...
ZM - Crystal Craft016 x 16 Map
[V] Mesapotania016 x 16. W:3-30. Mesapotania re-re-do. By Rook then Dirty_Harry
[V] Crosshair016 x 16. W:+0-30. Features by Dirty_Harry.
[V] Death Valley013 x 13. W:+15-27. T:+25. Added features by Dirty_Harry
[V] Dark Waters020 x 10. W:+0-30. T:+27. 1v1, 2v2 recommended.
[V] DRAX Sand Canyon011 x 11. W:+12-30.
[V] Cyprus016 x 16. W:+6-24. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] Crystal Vow010 x 10. W:+8-17. Crystal Vow.
[V] Crystal Mania015 x 15. W:+8-16. T:+30. Crystal pleasure for everyone. By "Rookie"
[V] Crystal Crack012 x 13. W:+9-15. T:+20. No surprises here!
[V] Crystal Conflict013 x 13. T:+6-21. T:+23.
[V] Crosswork010 x 10. W:+15-30. T:+40. Good metal & winds - Cross the river to meet your fate !
[V] Crossroads of Muck012 x 12. W:+6-18. T:+10. Cross the roads and fight.
[V] Crossing To Central Consciousness015 x 20. W:+0-12. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] Crimson Run014 x 8. W:+3-30. T:+23. Mountainous peninsula. Beware rock slides!
[V] Derelict Heck011 x 11. W:+0-9. Old, rusty and ruined metal area. Metal is still somewhat extractable.
[V] A Long War08 x 25. W:+15-18. T:+25. Metal on both land and sea. Features placed by TAG_Venom
[V] Creon Pass012 x 6. W:+9-24. Good wind, great metal. By Wizard
[V] Creon Divided015 x 15. W:+15-20. T:+25.
[V] Creepy Cavern014 x 14. W:+24-30. T:+40. Good winds, hella tides. By NUGGENMAN
[V] Crazy022 x 22. W:+8-22. T:+50. It's just crazy! By Dirty Harry
[V] Crater Pond010 x 10. W:+0-12. Ahhh, green world, aint it just great, I love it
[V] A Tale of Two Cities017 x 5. W:+0-18. T:+25.
[V] Corrupt Waters012 x 18. W:+15-21. T:+25. Water version of Corrupt Conflict. By Race.
[V] A1M012 x 4. W:+1-7. T:+20. A1M in 50 yrs time - over 2 billion casualties recorded, and these were just car crashes... By Muffy
[V] Corners 2017 x 11. W:+9-22. T:+95. Variable wind. Get a tidal generator, if you can! By Dirty Harry
[V] Abominable Lake016 x 13. W:+15-25. T:+20. By NUGGENMAN. Features replaced by TAG_Venom.
[V] Deep Space Array031 x 31. W:+0. Deep space relay array. Limited buildspace & low gravity.
[V] Desert Core08 x 8. W:+13-30. Don't let the wind blow you away
[V] Above and Beyond012 x 12. W:+25-30. High winds, multiple isles to fight for. By TAG_Venom
[V] Drax Super Island016 x 24. W:+15-30. T:+24. v1.50 Dec14'98 By Draconious
[H] Back to The Land019 x 25 Map. W:+9/24 T:+26 by DIRTY_Harry
[H] Dissected Plateau017 x 11 Map. W:+3/27 by Dirty Harry
[H] Great Scott!0
[H] Great Sinkhole0
[H] Last Stand0
[V] Duel - Acid013 x 15. W:+3-21. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] Ducts014 x 13. W:+0-9. T:+20. Huge ducts. By Muffy
[V] Dry Hills022 x 22. W:+12-24. Features replaced by Dirty_Harry.
[H] Lawn 2 Lawn0
[H] Nuclear Craters0
[V] Dreaded Desert012 x 15. W:+12-30. High winds. 2v2 or 3v3, N v S.
[V] Dragonis 2018 x 18. W:+0-18. Fight even harder here. Average winds. By Race
[V] Desert Foursome07 x 7. W:+3-12. Plenty of metal and steamvents.
[H] TA Pond0
[H] Wretched Ridges018 X 18. W: +3/30 fixed by Dirty Harry.
[V] Divided Wasteland016 x 16. W:+1-30. T:+20. What was once a city - now a divided wasteland.
[V] Diverging Boundries015 x 15. W:+0-15. T:+40. Replaced metals by TAG_Venom
[V] Disputed Mine017 x 21. W:+6-30. Fight to control a metal mine. External areas: variable metal. Inner area: full metal. By Dirty Harry
Acid Foursome0
[V] Devils Lair013 x 13. W:+9-28. Make sure you're on Satan's guests list! Top vs bottom
[V] Devil's Towers08 x 8. W:+18-24.
[V] Devil's Paradise016 x 18. W:+0-30. By Zenotheory
[V] Devastated Desert012 x 14. W:+12-21. By Toaster
[V] Detention Centre013 x 13. W:+0. Detention Centre. Removed unnecessary features. Fixed by TAG_Venom
[V] Desert of Death 2013 x 13. W:+18. By TAAC_DEATH_MAUL
[V] Core Reprimed Area021 x 21. W:+6. T:+14.
[V] Core Prime Outskirts020 x 20. W:+0-12.
[GA] Mars Colony028 x 7. W:+27-30, T:30. Water on Mars might be very helpful... By Dioxide
[V] Bloody Lake021 x 21. W:+0-18. T:+18. By Dirty_Harry
[V] Castle Chaos025 x 11. W:+0-18. T:+10. By Rampage
[V] Calm Pastures012 x 12. W:+18-30. T:+10. Calm!? We'll see about that!
[V] CORE Boot Camp IV012 x 12. W:+0. T:+35. No wind. Strong sewer current.
[V] Aramon Industrial Area021 x 21. W:+18-24. T:+10. Another remake of CPIA. By TAG_Venom
[V] Aramonageddon016 x 16. W:+12-15. T:+50. By Mugus24
[V] Bridges to Oblivion011 x 11. W:+3-30. T:+30. Variable wind, strong tides. Fixed by TAG_Venom.
[V] Bottleneck012 x 20. W:+3-21. T:+20. By Dirty Harry
[V] Bone014 x 9. W:+10-20. T:+20. By Dirty Harry
[V] Archimedian Spiral09 x 9. W:+0. Archimedian Spiral.
[V] Archipelago020 x 15. W:+10-25. T:+20. By Dirty Harry
[V] Blue Cross016 x 10. W:+15-18. T:+20.
[V] Armageddon012 x 12. W:+6-18. Desert map, 4P max. By Mugus24
[V] Annihilation Archipelago026 x 26. W:+12-25. T:+25. 3v3 and upwards recommended. By Keeper
[V] Blazters Beach010 x 10. W:+9-22. T:+18. Assault the beaches! *NERDsFist*
[V] Ashap Plateau 2018 x 18. W:+0-24. Metal on rough lower level.
[V] Atlantis Industrial Area021 x 21. W:+6-24. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] Back to War010 x 8. W:+0-18. Small, fast paced map with clustered metal areas. By TAG_Venom
[V] Barrier Strait040 x 12. W:+12-21. T:+10.
[V] Birtish Empire09 x 5. W:+3-6. T:+20. Wind ain't that great here
[V] Big Icy016 x 16. W:+18-24. T:+30. High winds, high tides
[V] Big Hill Little Hill09 x 9. W:+15-21. Fight between the big hill and the little hill. Metal placement by TAG_Venom
[V] Beta Tropics Escalated011 x 11. W:+6-8. T:+25. Semi-tropical planet.
[V] Beta Tropics (Run)023 x 9. W:+5-14. T:+17. Semi-tropical tract, with strong rip currents.
[V] Beta Tropics (Coasts)010 x 8. W:+1-21. T:+16. Semi-tropical beaches. Low tide
[V] Apocalypse024 x 18. W:+24-30. High winds, metal concentrated in grass areas, lots of cars to reclaim. By TAG_Venom
[V] Central Park012 x 8. W:+3-12. Enjoy the trees, the grass, the violence!
[V] Core Prime Harbour018 x 24. W:+10-21. T:+25. By Dirty Harry
[V] Comet Flasher08 x 10. W:+0. Flash it. By "Rookie"
[V] Core Prime Flood025 x 25. T:+24. By TAG_Venom
[V] Acid Divide025 x 33. W:+6-24. By Zenotheory
[V] Core Prime Flatlands025 x 25. W:+0-18.
[V] Core Prime Dueling Ground07 x 14. W:+3-15. T:+10. By Dirty Harry
[V] Core Geothermal Facility031 x 16. W:+0-18. By Zenotheory
[V] Core Coliseum021 x 21. W:+0. A place where Core commanders can duke out their diferences
[V] Adamantine Mountain08 x 8. W:+7. Go Ballistic
[V] Connected Continents026 x 29. W:+15-30. T:+22. Both sides covet the middle metal this time... By Keeper
[V] Adamantine Quarry08 x 8. W:+6-18. T:+27. Balanced by Dirty_Harry
[V] Commander Field07 x 7. W:+0-30. T:+35. Deathmatch
[V] Comet Watcher015 x 12 .W:+0. Faster, harder, Scooter
[V] Aerial Assault013 x 19. W:+30. Air battle. WD made map. Fixed by TAG_Venom / Dirty Harry
[V] Chainsaw Island016 x 16. W:+0-30. T:+30. By Pedro Sanchez
[V] Cold Winter013 x 13. W:+30.
[V] Cold Steel025 x 25. W:+24-30. T:+15. Hovercraft can go over the sides of the lowest paths, high wind.
[V] Coast to Coast 2012 x 8. W:+15-21. T:+18. Medium wind
[V] Close Encounter014 x 14. W:+0-18. T:+35. By Dirty Harry
[V] Alien Desert II010 x 10. W:+16-29. T:+10. Lots of mesas, high winds, and deadly acid. By C_A_P
[V] Cliff Fortresses010 x 10. W:+9-18. T:+20.
[V] Alpine Pasture012 x 14. W:+0-30. By Dirty Harry.
[V] Chrismor Coast018 x 19. W:+22-25. T:+15. By Chrismor
[V] Chilly Rivers017 x 17. W:+18-30. T:+25. Who will reign supreme on this chilly battlefield? Original map by Keeper. Metals/rocks changed by TAG_Venom.
[V] Chasm 208 x 6. W:+0-6 .Original map by Muffy. Copied and pasted by TAG_Venom
[V] Chasm04 x 6. W:+1-3. Don't fall down... By Muffy
[V] Chambers011 x 22. W:+3-18. T:+25. By Dirty Harry.
[H] Atrocity0
[GA] Fortress016 x 24. W:+6-18, T:20. This might take some time... By Dioxide
[V] Memories07 x 14. W:+7-9. T:+30. By PROMETHEUS
[V] Khadrikamen015 x 15. W:+17-25. Curse of Khadrikamen.
[V] Lake Volcano022 x 22. W:+15-30. T:+30. Windy, flat and deep lakes.
[V] Lake Shuuure013 x 8. W:+15-21. T:+20.
[V] Lake Land020 x 20. W:+9-24.
[V] Lake Aramon015 x 15. W:+0-24. T:+20. By icanfly342
[V] Labyrinthe08 x 8. W:+27-30. T:+10. Created by blue. Metals replaced and balanced by Race.
[V] King of the Hill Escalated016 x 16. W:+3-27. Revised version of KOTH. Less metal in mid, more all around. NW vs SE in team. Metal placement by Race
ZM - Frozen Abysmal Lake016x18. Strong current. Two teams.
ZM - Goo Lagoon018 x 13 Map
ZM - Great Divide 206 x 8 Balanced version of Great Divide. By moho.
ZM - Great Divide 3015 X 15 Odds on top, evens on bottom. Revision 1
[V] Kill The Middle Escalated013 x 13. W:+6-30. Become the powerful player in the middle. Escalated. By TAG_Venom
[V] Just Enough020 x 20. W:+9-24. T:+30. Lush map. FFA, teams, or skirmish play. By Willie-g
[V] Landcancer09 x 9 . W:+3-19. Fungal Infection
ZM - Green Lake (final)012 x 12 Battlefield: Green Planet. No tides. Watch and defend the passes.
[V] Jungle Forests023 x 23. W:+0-15. Bad wind, more metal in centre.
[V] John's Pond 2013 x 11. W:+12-24. T:+20.
ZM - Lavahaven018 x 18 Map
[V] Island Stretch020 x 20. W:+0-30. T:+20.
ZM - Let it Snow!014 x 14 Happy New Year=)
ZM - Moon Quartet 3020 X 20 Great map for team play. Light side vs. dark side. balanced
[V] Irish Desert014 x 14. W:+3-24. PD, downsized.
[V] Into The Moon014 x 5. W:+0. Fight in the middle. Very low gravity. No wind. By VanTheMan
ZM - Painted Desert 2020 X 20 the extended classic
ZM - Raster's Pond 2010 x 10 Good wind, tidal 20
[V] Lakeside013 x 12. W:+15-30. T:+28. Green Shit
[V] Landown's Interface010 x 8. W:+6-12. At what point should you go for higher ground? AC13 Escalated. By TAG_Venom.
[V] Ides of War08 x 8. W:+12-24. T:+30. Small amount of metal extractable from ground. Balanced/fixed by Dirty_Harry
[V] Luschbag011 x 7. W:+9-12. T:+16. 1v1 or 2v2. By Rookie
Trout Farm0
[V] Maverick City022 x 22. W:15-27. Roads will lead you to metal and victory. By ARMMaverick
Two Continents0
Wretched Ridges0
Yerrot Mountains0
ZM - Abe's Atoll013 x 10 Strong wind, tidals [20], Ooloks
[V] Marcellus025 x 25. W:+6-30.
ZM - Center Command06 x 12 - Strong tides, build tidals in the little ponds! -=Vampiro=-
ZM - Coral Islands016 x 16 Map
[V] Luschious Passage025 x 21. W:+12-18. T:+25. Two large land masses connect to form an exciting battle. LOTS of metal
[V] Luschious Divide024 x 24. W:+24-30. T:+17. Good for team battles
[V] Lusch Puppy Escalated013 x 7. W:+19-29. T:+25. Lightly width extension of the original Lusch Puppy map. Higher winds and tides. By Race
[V] Laragon Crossing08 x 8. W:+7-15. T:+20. Fight above a lush river. By Muffy
ZM - Crater Islands Extended010 X 8 Fight your way across these shallow waters.
[V] Bertha's Boatdock020 x 19. W:+11-18. T:+18. North vs South
[V] Luna010 x 10. W:+0-6. By Dirty Harry
[V] Low Metal010 x 10. W:+0. T:+200. Fighting along metal paths. No wind. Strong tides.
[V] Lost Comets016 x 16. W:+15-24. Low gravity & artificial interplanetar wind. By Dirty Harry
[V] Loneliness010 x 10. W:+12-18. Lots to reclaim, lots of metal. By Muffy
ZM - Delta Siege Dry018 x 10 Map
ZM - Duel 2013 X 24 A lush, green paradise - that's just asking for trouble. Modified by Norfolk.
[V] Lava Vittu015 x 15. W:+0-6. 1v1 to 5v5. By Rookie
ZM - Fight or Die016 x 16 Map
[V] Lava Islands017 x 17. W:+12-24. By FTW.
[V] Lava Highground II016 x 16. W:+24-30. High wind
[V] Impact Gauntlet020 x 40. W:+0-18.
[V] Icebreakers015 x 15. W:+12-30. Brave the cold of this icy place. Features by Race
[V] Evad River Confluence II014 x 13. W:+9-21. T:+30 (1v1, 2v2, 2v2v2). By Dirty Harry
[V] Forest010 x 5. W:+18-24. T:+50. By Dirty Harry
[Dx2] Artificial Lakes0
[Dx2] Global Warming0
[V] Geos of War Revised013 x 13. W:+18-30. T:+15. By Dirty Harry
[V] Frozen Siege024 x 11. W:+18-24. Maxi Siege, frozen over
[V] Frosty Cove016 x 16. W:+0-30. T:+28. Enjoy the cold waters of the cove. By Keeper. Metal placement by Race.
[V] Friction08 x 12. W:+0-30. T:+21.
[Dx2] Hell on Earth0
[V] Four Star014 x 7. W:+15-19. T:+25.
[V] Forgotten Island025 x 21. W:+30. T:+45. A treasury lies on a forgotten island. By Dirty Harry
[V] Forgotten Desert016 x 16. W:+8-30. By Dirty Harry
[V] Forest Showdown013 x 8. W:+18-24. Strong winds.
[V] Floodplain016 x 12. W:+10-21. Flooded grassland with light vegetation.
[Dx2] Artificial Hills0
[V] Flooded Chilly Rivers016 x 16. W:+18-30. T:+25. Oops... Harry flooded Aramon Chilly Rivers...
[Dx] Deadly T (Hovercraft edition)018 x 18. W:+24-30, T:20. Very important metal on the bottom of this map! Fight for it! By Dioxide
[V] Flats and Craters022 x 22. W:+0. FaF lunar replica by "Rookie"
[Dx] Yang018 x 22. W:+12-18, T:23. Greetings! I am Yang. I like hovercrafts and amphibious units. I hate that slacker Yin. By Dioxide
[V] Flat Land Harbour025 x 25. W:+0. No wind - surfacemetal +1.4
[V] Flasheller012 x 11. W:+9-18. Inga konstigheter, fett med metall.
[V] Flash and Blood010 x 10. W:+7-21. Temptation of the flash in this meatworld *NERDsFist*
[V] Firefight017 x 18. W:+21-30. T:+60. Strong wind, strong tides. By MrFred. Features replaced by Dirty Harry.
[GA] Corruption XL012 x 22. W:+12-18. Perfect for 5v5. By Dioxide
[V] Evolution018 x 10. W:+6-15. T:+22. Start off in sea and work your way to land. Features replaced by Race
[V] Ever-Ash 208 x 16. W:+0-30. T:+35. Variable wind. Strong tides.
[V] Gods of Adaman013 x 13. W:+21-30. T:+24. Adaman remake of GoW2/GoW44. Features by TAG_Venom
[V] Godzilla's Farm Land017 x 19. W:+12-21. T:+22. By Rookie & Rime.
ZM - Sand Shore 2017 x 17 Map 2x2 team-play tidal +12, wind ~+15
[V] Guerilla021 x 16. W:+18-30. T:+35. Up to 10 players. By MUGUS24
[V] Ice Duel010 x 10. W:+18-30. T:+30. Fight for control of the Katabatic Strip.
[V] Ice Baby012 x 10. W:+7-27. T:+20. High gravity and wind *NERDsFist*
[V] Hot Triangle020 x 20. W:+6-21. T:+20. (1v1, 2v2, 2v2v2). By Dirty Harry
ZM - Snowy Hills 2020 x 20 Map
ZM - Spiral Tab010 x 8 Map Fight! Left versus right. *NERDsFist*
[V] Holistickboy Prime040 x 40. W:+18-30. By Zenotheory
[V] Hill Country08 x 8. W:+0-12.
ZM - Taiga09 x 16 Duel
[V] Hergest Ridge014 x 12. W:+3-24. Friends meeting at Thalassen Sector. Plentiful vegetation.
[V] Heavy Metal013 x 13. W:+0. T:+15. NvS. No wind.
[V] Harry's Pond014 x 15. W:+9-21. T:+24. By Dirty Harry
[V] Greenthing012 x 9. W:+6-18. Asymmetric land map
[V] Grand Canyon015 x 15. W:+12-18. A totally insane canyon maze. By James Beatty.
ZM - The Barrier Reef 2019 X 19 Body of water separates two land masses. Great underwater starts!
ZM - The Bromid Maze012 x 8 Team-play, metalrich map
[V] Green Maze010 x 13. W:+0-18. Green map maze!
[V] Green Hell War016 x 16. W:+4-24. Hills, mountains, trees and rocks.
ZM - The Desert place015 x 15 Map
ZM - The Last Divide021 x 21 Map
[V] Green Adventure013 x 13. W:+12-18. T:+22. Secure land patches and fight around the mountains. Metal placement by Race
ZM - The Point of No Return020 x 17 Map
ZM - Vergon - 7018 x 18 Team-map
ZM - Wet and Dry018 x 18 Map
[V] Great Divide 209 x 7. W:+9-27. Rotated version by swe_abe. Metals added by TAG_Venom
[V] Grand Tetons08 x 16. W:+3-18. T:+25.
[V] i-Land015 x 15. W:+12-18. T:+22. i -Land.